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7.15pm Tuesday 10th March 2015:

(refreshments from 6.30pm)

'Antique Sealed Bottles and the Families who owned them' - David Burton


David Burton’s three-volume book titled 'Antique Sealed Bottles 1640 – 1900 and the families who owned them' is steeped in the social history of its time and is the result of many years’ research. It is the first since 1949 to bring together a definitive listing of British-manufactured sealed bottles with a social and genealogical history where many of the original owners have been identified. It examines the evolution of the sealed bottle from the 1640s to the late 1800s, the early glasshouses involved in their manufacture, and social and historical stimuli that made changes in style inevitable over relatively short periods. It discusses the early inns, taverns and coffee houses and their use of sealed bottles, trade tokens as local currency which were a major influence on the seal engravings associated with the tavern and inn keepers; the bear baiting and cock fighting across the River Thames in Southwark, records of Oxford colleges and Inns of Court that provide information on the drinking habits of the well-to-do sons of the gentry and noble families. With many of the bottles sealed with a crest or coat of arms, the nuances and complexities of heraldry are discussed in detail to educate the collector and encourage research in this often misunderstood and neglected subject. With the many recent discoveries of bottles and seal fragments excavated in the former British colonies of North America, it covers the use of merchant marks in the colonies and the harsh life of early New World colonial settlements, the slave markets and the absentee plantation owners who accumulated vast wealth through the hard graft of the overseers and slaves who worked the plantations.

April- June 2015:

7.15pm Tuesday 14th April 2015: Kari Moodie: 'Crystal Gazing: The future of Broadfield House Glass Museum', and Graham Fisher: 'A New Home for the Stourbridge Glass Collection?'

7.15pm Wednesday 6th May 2015 David C. Watts: 'Getting to know American glass'

7.15pm Tuesday 9th June 2015 Anna Laméris: 'Three Diamond Line Engravers in Eighteenth Century Utrecht'

Lecture Meeting Place: The Art Workers' Guild, 6 Queen Square, London WC1N 3AT

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Next meetings in 2015: 10th March, 14th April, 6th May, 9th June

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